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The Coach :: Frontend Performance Advisor

How to install and use standalone version of COACH

  1. admin
    The coach is a tool offered by sitespeed.io to be used as a static webpage analyzer to identify performance issues with your webpage. You can use it as an alternate to YSLOW, which is no longer supported with chrome. The coach is easy to install and easily configurable utility to help developers build a faster and better performing website. The coach comes with the following features
    • Generates performance score of the webpage
    • Advice on what is wrong and what should be done to improve the performance.
    • Advice on not just performance but on security, accessibility and privacy.

    Sample command line output:


    Before you install:
    1. Install NodeJS from here.
    2. Read documentation from here.

    Running COACH :
    1. Open the NodeJS command prompt from the start menu.
    2. Type the following command on the URL of the application.
      webcoach https://google.com


    Screenshots of Output:

    The output will be shown on the commandline window