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please giveme regular expression...

Discussion in 'Apache JMeter' started by Sojia Safal, May 26, 2016.

  1. please giveme regular expression extrator,xpath extractor,css/jquery extractor for extracting OTP from this code and post in the same request sampler
  2. use regular expression extractor : exp: "OTPHidden" value="(.+?)">
  3. 1.name="CCus" value="(.+?)"> 2.name="OTPHidden" value="(.+?)">
  4. Ravi Varanasi,Ravi Chander I have tried both expressions. But i dint get the correct otp pased in the request, i see that the default value in regular expression extractor is passed. I have added regular expression extractor in the get request just before the post request in which i need to pass the otp as parameter. Do I need to add regex user parameters in that sampler???
  5. U may have to use bean shell script. As it is hidden put the value in bean shell script
  6. have u checked debug sampler?, whether ur expression retrieving proper value or not.
  7. I tested using regex tester, its not showing any matches
  8. Bean shell assertion u can try
  9. what is the code to be written for this in the scripting area

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