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SSO is supported by Jmeter - SAML request...

Discussion in 'Apache JMeter' started by Garima Khanna Khanna, May 19, 2016.

  1. SSO is supported by Jmeter - SAML request Please help..I am pitch into from last couple of weeks...kinldy help
  2. i am into same pitch yes it is supported
  3. can you please help me to resolve the issue of this SAML request
  4. I am into same problem and it is supported but my IT team is not giving proper direction. show me the request header and response?
  5. Can you tell me the exact step or
  6. I tried all the steps in Martinbirgers..it won't work for me
  7. What error you are getting
  8. # CookieManager behaviour - should variable cookies be allowed? # Default is true. Use false to revert to original behaviour CookieManager.allow_variable_cookies=true # CookieManager behaviour - should Cookies be stored as variables? # Default is false CookieManager.save.cookies=false # CookieManager behaviour - prefix to add to cookie name before storing it as a variable # Default is COOKIE_; to remove the prefix, define it as one or more spaces #CookieManager.name.prefix= # CookieManager behaviour - check received cookies are valid before storing them? # Default is true. Use false to revert to previous behaviour CookieManager.check.cookies=false
  9. try this step in jmeter properties file

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